Our team trades all the time, we need fast, reliable, trustworthy technology to protect our holdings offline. Cryptocurrency users need security in their transactions. Fortune points out, exchanges have been a lucrative target for crypto enthusiasts all of 2021. We want to make sure we put the top device, in your hand. These devices are for users wanting to keep crypto off an exchange. Keep your wallet in your hand on one of these. Make your private seed phrases directly on the wallet, out of the hands of exchanges.

We prepared a list of the best cryptocurrency hardware wallets available. We will go over some of the pros/cons, prices, links, features, and more. All of the products are available through amazon, but run out of stock frequently. The market for these products changes rapidly and availability is not always 100%, make sure to check the prices!

Also, why three? We believe in these three so much that we wouldn’t go elsewhere. They can handle what you need to get done. Don’t go to other companies looking for an established crypto product. The two known companies in the market currently hold most of the market share. These wallets are secure, powerful and easy to carry.

Before we dive into the list prepared we want to disclaim to all investors. DO NOT BUY HARDWARE WALLETS USED. These devices need to be purchased new straight from companies themselves. Don’t be a target to a cryptocurrency attack in 2021. Keep your crypto secure, buy from trusted retailers such as the Amazon links provided below. Any of these products are #1 in our book.

3. Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X Price $$$

The Ledger Nano X makes number three on our list. It is a good midrange crypto wallet that stores most of the popular top market caps project. The Nano network is very strict on security only allowing certain coins and tokens. The average investor who wants to hold their crypto securely certainly can find this a great pick. We’ve attached current prices.

  • Hosting 100 Applications
  • Smart Phone App
  • Transfer Using Bluetooth
  • Manage Over 22 Coins
  • Hundreds Of Tokens
  • Stake Crypto in Device to earn passive income
  • Best Average Device for Enthusiasts

Ledger Nano X Price changes upon market conditions

Q: What Makes This Our Third Pick?

As much as we love the Nano X and own it personally, it’s not best suite for the average investor. If you plan on holding projects such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and a couple alt coins, our #1 pick would be a better bang for your buck. This device is for experienced traders looking to expand into quite a few crypto projects. Explore the dAPPs available directly from the platform. Buy cryptocurrency straight from the Ledger Nano X platform in app on the device.

2. Trezor Model T


A serious investor in the crypto space who loves peace of mind and fancy tech would love our next pick. Trezor Model T, a higher end product with unbreakable security, touch screen display, 100% money back guarantee. An easier device to use with higher end capabilities. This is not a product you would want to go without as a lifelong crypto investor. We’ve attached current price below.

  • Top of the line security
  • USB, Recovery seed cards
  • 240×240 pixels
  • Stake Crypto in Device to earn passive income
  • Connect straight to PC
  • Recommended for more active traders.
  • Tightest Security, Most expensive, Best features.

Q: What Makes This Our Second Pick?

Investors looking for the higher end device on the market should look here. This device is expensive in price compared to other picks. It’s not the greatest pick for the casual BTC investor trying to HODL.

Trezor Model T Price Changes upon market conditions

1. Ledger Nano S


The top of our list is the Ledger Nano S. The most well rounded pick for the investor trying to spend all of their money on crypto. Secure with multiple currencies and the pick for anyone trying to hold the bigger cap coins only. You would want this if you plan on HODLing BTC/ETH and maybe a few other top coins.

  • 8 digit pin code
  • Stake Crypto in Device to earn passive income
  • Secure and quick
  • USB connection
  • More than 30 crypto currencies
  • Access to tokens on crypto projects
  • Easy to use
  • Store most projects, spend the least amount of money.

Q: Why did we choose the Ledger Nano S as #1?

The Ledger Nano S is the most worth while investment for experienced casual traders. Store a few cryptocurrencies to hold with trustworthy security. The device is known to be affordable and smaller than other models. This makes the most sense for the average investor. Utilize the security of Ledger technology with this device.

Thank you for reading our article. We provide information to protect the crypto community and inform. Stay tuned to our website for more posts.

Ledger Nano S Price Changes upon market conditions, check price here for current prices.


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